Sunday, December 19, 2010

for my little monkey man...

sweetie-pie, honey-bunny, little man, precious...
he has so many names, but his official name is Evan!

Couldn't tell you how long this Li'l Art piece took me. Between fussing over the shades of yellow, orange, green, and teal blue, and deciding on what characters to represent each letter (only a few differ from the first ABC piece I made for my niece last March), struggling through the return of fatigue through my third trimester, and lastly giving birth to my precious little one...well, let's just say *sigh* it's finally done!

"Sing With Me"

Followed closely with...


Another labour of love completed!

Together with much "help" from my husband (he'll really be doing all the work, I'll just be picking out the photos and music) I'll be making a new Youtube video (finally!) featuring this latest ABC Li'l Art piece, so stay tuned!