Friday, January 8, 2010

Weaver's Cabin

I love this scarf! Traded for at the close of the Heintzman House Auxiliary Craft Show & Sale 2009, I was so grateful that the artist, Wilma, was willing to trade with me (she took home one of my Li'l Bouquet pins).

According to the tag, the fibers include wool & mohair, but I just love the colour! So much so that I had my mom crochet me a couple of hats to go with it (the corner of one of my favorites just visible in the first photo...hmmm, a thought about another blog post!).

I've enjoyed wearing this handwoven scarf & crochet hat combo with my new seasonal dress coat. He! I love being put together, clothing wise, accessory wise, and I love having lots of accessories, being able to switch up my look in an instant...thank you Wilma for allowing this addition to my wardrobe!

Scarves are only the beginning of what is offered by Weaver's Cabin, they also make beautiful blankets, and all sorts of home accessories in between!

The scarf seen in these photos was handwoven by...

Weaver's Cabin
Severn Bridge, Ontario

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pavlo Pottery

In a trade that I made almost a full year ago (at the By Hand Show in Toronto last year), I acquired this beautiful piece of pottery (square plate seen in the photos), as well as a huge round serving platter, wine cooler, and brie baker that I gifted to my sister and her husband this past Christmas.

I kept the square piece for myself, and use it every day, as you see in the photos!

What attracted me to these pieces (they were all finished the same way) was the combination of the rich undertones of the base colour (brown) with the silvery, almost pewter-like glaze over top. Add the pattern detail (it reminds me of a tattoo or henna), and the overall effect is exquisite and unusual!

The pottery in these photographs was handcrafted by...

Pavlo Pottery Studio & Shoppe
Rockton, Ontario

Monday, January 4, 2010


A prologue to the mini-series on varied artisan works (which I hope to expand on as time passes and I acquire exciting new pieces)...
a short word on trading.

As an artist, my eye (like many of yours I'm sure) is tuned in to great design and workmanship. This means that I not only appreciate the beauty of the object, but also the time and skill that has gone in to the making of the piece, not to mention the inherent dollar value of the materials involved...

Which brings me to the next, or perhaps previous, important word...starving! Yes, as an artisan, young in experience and business, I am a "starving artist".

This puts me at a great disadvantage, you see, because while my eye is scoping out all those beautiful objects (easily found at the juried craft shows), appreciating their value to the truest sense of the word, I am admittedly short on least when it comes to justifying the spending of money on artwork (of any form).

And so, in comes the trade! It can't always be done, but when other artists are willing and open to the idea, it's a great way to get your hands on new and exciting craft pieces!

Over the next few posts, I will be featuring some of the pieces (& their makers) that I have traded stay tuned!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Most sincere "Thank You"s go out to all of our customers, family & friends, and fellow crafters & artisans who have helped make 2009 a big success for Subtle Details!

A note for what's to come in 2010: a short mini-series of blog posts featuring varied artisan works...most pieces having been successfully traded for at past shows!

Happy New Year to you all!