Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my inspiration...

Finally found the pics of the inspiration dress for my latest Li'l Newlyweds sample cake toppers:

Thanks to Randy to the Rescue, which I was watching earlier today while working on one of my Li'l Art pieces, I got the name of the designer and the dress...leading me to this...

"Sherbet" by Lazaro

stunning, stunning, stunning!

I've seen it several times, as mentioned in a previous blog post, on some of my favorite wedding shows.  So this time, when it surfaced again, I payed special attention!

Here's how it compares to "Blushing Bride (& Groom)"...bearing in mind that I was working purely by memory of this gorgeous gown at the time!

In retrospect, I don't think I did too bad eh?  :D

Want to have your gorgeous gown modeled on your very own custom wedding cake topper?

Contact me!,,,

-Karen Pasieka

Saturday, May 4, 2013

loving this vintage dress buy for my wedding jewellery prop

So after much on-line Etsy searching, and even some local vintage store browsing, I finally decided on buying this little '70's/'80's number from Westfirst

It had nearly everything I was looking for, and at an affordable price...after all, I was just going to be using it as a bridal prop (for photographing & staging my booth), with the eventual goal of using it in a staged "bridal" shoot with models, bouquets, a bridal party, and of course my jewellery (will let you know how that goes, when it goes)!

Light, airy, lacy, and just a little casual...this tea-length dress was just what I was looking for to compliment my Li'l Bouquet bridal jewellery (and my hopeful spring-flower-field setting).

Thankfully, it arrived just a couple days in advance of the wedding show I did last Saturday, The Wedding Co Spring Show at The Drake Hotel.  I think it dressed up (no pun intended) my table quite nicely.  After some adjustment, deconstructing, and accessorizing, this was the result:

A subtle transformation with big impact, IMO!
Thanks so much to Tara from Westfirst, who was so helpful with all my many questions prior to making the decision to buy, I'm so glad I did!

BTW, the necklace featured in this picture is "Dahlia Dream", a stunning 18" composite sterling silver, Swarovski pearl, and Li'l Bouquet "Dahlia" brooch with Swarovski rhinestone centre.
price:  $350

purchase here on Etsy: