Monday, January 4, 2016

Custom Baby Name Art

I think it's pretty safe to be sharing these pics by now of this order I made for a customer just before Christmas...

The customer knew of my work, as her sister and her husband had bought some of my work 2 years prior at the OOAK Show.  Now that they've had their first baby, the sister found me at OOAKx15 to place an order for her new little niece, Hannah!

So my customer was really taken with the sample ABC artwork I had on display at the show, and requested her order to be made in very same colours.  I think I did a pretty good job...what do you think?

Place your custom name order today for your son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandchild...a thoughtful, personalized keepsake for years to come!  I can match paint swatches, images of decorated rooms, or any other decor item that sets the tone for their room such as bedding or other artwork.  You can even pick what to have represent each letter...typically this would be something that begins with the letter (such as a ball for "b"), but the choice is yours!

Custom names (max. 7 letters):
$20 / letter + $35 / frame + 13% HST

Custom ABC art:
$600 + 13% HST

Need some ideas?...
a - ant, alligator, airplane, apple, alarm clock, arrow, abacus
b - bicycle, baseball, bumble bee, bulldozer, bear
c - car, circle, crown, cat
d - dinosaur, dragonfly, doughnut, digger, dog, dump truck, drill, doll
e - Earth, eggs, eel, elephant, eagle
f - fish, frog, flower
g - grapes, gift, giraffe
h - hippo, helicopter, hat, hot air balloon
i - igloo, ice cream
j - jigsaw puzzle, Jack-in-the-box
k - kangaroo, kitten, kite, kayak, koala bear, key
l - ladder, lamp, lollipop, lady bug, lamb, lion, lobster
m - monkey, mouse
n - nuts, neck tie, numbers
o - ostrich, octopus, owl
p - pig, parrot, pineapple, present, puppy, penquin
q - question mark, quilt, quill
r - robot, rooster, rabbit, rain, rain cloud, rug, rice, rose
s - skis, snake, swan, snail, screw driver
t - train, tree, tomato, tiger, truck, turtle, teddy bear
u - umbrella, unicycle, unicorn
v - volcano, volley ball, violin, vine, van
w - whale, walrus, wagon, wheel, wrench, wheat, watermelon
x - x-ray, xylophone
y - yo-yo, yarn
z - zebra, zipper

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Congratulations Alyssa & Angelo - October 16th, 2015

...or should I say "Alice & The Mad Hatter"?

I just love it when my customers offer me an opportunity to make something truly unique, and this Alice in Wonderland themed bride & groom custom cake topper is no exception!

Thank you Alyssa & Angelo for entrusting me with creating your Li'l Newlyweds custom wedding cake toppers!

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

Note the change to the note in the Mad Hatter's hat...normally 10/6, the change was requested to reflect the bride & groom's wedding date!

So much fun to create!

Have a special idea in mind for your wedding cake toppers that you'd like to have realized?  Contact me to discuss your design!

Subtle Details designed & handcrafted out of polymer clay
by Karen Pasieka
Twitter & Instagram:  @KarenPasieka

Friday, July 31, 2015

Cottage North Soapworks...and a bathroom makover.

Oh wow, I wish I could copy-paste the fragrence of this stop from my weekend adventures!

Found on Main Street in Port Dover, Ontario, Cottage North Soapworks produces all their own soaps, and carries a selection of other locally handcrafted items, including my own Li'l Bouquet jewellery, and a specially commissioned Li'l Art framed sculpture to fit with the colour pallet of their collection.

I LOVED the way they displayed my work, with "Is It Just Me, Or Are They Dancing? II" center stage just behind the sales desk, accompanied by a Li'l Bouquet "petal pouf" hydrangea necklace on the ceramic bust.

And here's the rest of the Li'l Bouquet jewellery collection in store.

In fact, the whole store is styled beautifully!  Full of soft, watery shades that remind you of the cottage, beach (which is just down the road by the way), and summer!

All those beautiful soaps, I couldn't resist picking up one myself, though oh so hard to choose!  There were "beach glass" ones that I loved (you can kind of see them on the center table, front left in the above picture), but I opted for this soft green soap with bicycle relief (as a nod to the hubby's cycling obsession!).  And isn't this just the cutest bird bath soap dish?!!

Go to Port Dover and stop into Cottage North Soapworks, a must see...and smell!

Cottage North Soapworks
359 Main Street
Port Dover, ON

P.S.  You may notice all the paint chips.  We've had to renovate our main bath (ceiling replacement), very difficult work that my husband has taken on all by himself (much appreciated)...the upside, I get to change up the decor!  As you see, I'm thinking teal for the walls, just not sure how light or dark to go. The floor tile is the same as the beige accent wall tile.  White subway tile, esspresso vanity, and a couple beautiful prints of my husband's photography.  On the one hand, I want to go light and spa-like, then on the other I want to go dark and rich!  Thoughts?

P.P.S.  So I decided to throw this one into the mix, "Pick Me II".  I may have to keep it for my new bathroom!  Hmmmm....does this mean I have to find a new home for "Itty Bitty Kitty"?...I'll keep you posted.

Subtle Details designed and handcrafted out of polymer clay by Karen Pasieka

Thursday, July 30, 2015


a sweet little shop with all you could dream of for accessories and so much more and Handmade in Canada!

That's my boy there, peering in the window of Curiosities.

This past weekend my husband and I took our two little boys to A Day Out With Thomas in St. Thomas, ON.  We had a blast, and stayed overnight in nearby London, ON, so of course I simply had to stop in and check out Curiosities!

Step inside to see their collection of my Li'l Bouquet "button blooms"  polymer clay and sterling silver necklaces they're carrying this spring/summer. I was so excited to see the display in store in person!...

Not only do they carry a beautiful selection of jewellery, handbags, decorative accessories, clothing, cards, and products for babies and children, I was delighted to hear that nearly every product line in store is made in Canada!  Here's a peek inside the shop...

There are an additional two rooms behind this one, each their own treasure trove.  When in London, Ontario, do yourself a favour and stop in to Curiosities!

174 1/2 Wortley Road
London, ON

Subtle Details designed and handcrafted out of polymer clay by Karen Pasieka

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Our Product now in Cottage North Soapworks, Port Dover, ON!

I sent this order out just before leaving for our family vacation at the end of last month, so I'm a little late getting to this blog post.  Normally I would've just posted a pic of everything & posted it to Instagram, but I was short on time to be fussing with a massive photo shoot, so I have an assortment of pictures to show off the lot!

"button blooms" polymer clay & sterling silver necklaces

"petal pouf (hydrangea)" polymer clay pendants with sterling silver chains

"button blooms" polymer clay & sterling silver earrings in post & teardrop styles

"ranunculus" polymer clay brooches

It should be noted that, in discussion with the customer, their desired colours sounded very similar to what I saw in this product picture from their website, and so I used it as my reference for their Li'l Bouquet custom jewellery order...

Nearly forgot!...

They also really wanted a Li'l Art piece that complimented their jewellery order, so I made them this piece...
"Is It Just Me, Or Are They Dancing? II"
...that uses the resultant canes from the Ranunculus brooches from their order.

I think it all ties in nicely together, don't you?

Cottage North Soapworks is in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Colour Story - the best of Li'l Bouquet jewellery in ...Orange!

So I started off this past weekend having a little more styling fun with a photo shoot.

I have a lot of beautiful Li'l Bouquet jewellery pieces sitting here in my studio, and I simply have to share them with you!  So while I muse over potential ramblings for their Etsy listings, I'll present to you this orange colour-themed selection...