Saturday, May 23, 2015

Our Product now in Cottage North Soapworks, Port Dover, ON!

I sent this order out just before leaving for our family vacation at the end of last month, so I'm a little late getting to this blog post.  Normally I would've just posted a pic of everything & posted it to Instagram, but I was short on time to be fussing with a massive photo shoot, so I have an assortment of pictures to show off the lot!

"button blooms" polymer clay & sterling silver necklaces

"petal pouf (hydrangea)" polymer clay pendants with sterling silver chains

"button blooms" polymer clay & sterling silver earrings in post & teardrop styles

"ranunculus" polymer clay brooches

It should be noted that, in discussion with the customer, their desired colours sounded very similar to what I saw in this product picture from their website, and so I used it as my reference for their Li'l Bouquet custom jewellery order...

Nearly forgot!...

They also really wanted a Li'l Art piece that complimented their jewellery order, so I made them this piece...
"Is It Just Me, Or Are They Dancing? II"
...that uses the resultant canes from the Ranunculus brooches from their order.

I think it all ties in nicely together, don't you?

Cottage North Soapworks is in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Colour Story - the best of Li'l Bouquet jewellery in ...Orange!

So I started off this past weekend having a little more styling fun with a photo shoot.

I have a lot of beautiful Li'l Bouquet jewellery pieces sitting here in my studio, and I simply have to share them with you!  So while I muse over potential ramblings for their Etsy listings, I'll present to you this orange colour-themed selection...