Monday, April 22, 2013

Blushing Bride....& Groom

It's been a while since I've made myself a new sample Li'l Newlyweds wedding cake topper bride & groom, so with the event of The Wedding Co Spring Show coming up this Saturday, April 27th at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, I thought it a good time to show you what I can do!

I love making sample toppers, for one, it helps me sell my craft, but secondly, I have the freedom to create whatever my heart desires!  The nature of the product is custom.  I design a little bride & groom to match all the details from the soon-to-be-wed.  I look at photos of the bride & groom, her gown, his tux, their flowers...and sometimes even what they wish they could wear, if their fiance would allow it!  Those are fun too, the hockey & soccer jerseys, the baseball caps, and even superhero emblems!  But all the details are predetermined by someone other than me.  When I make samples, they're all my own!  Everything I've ever wanted to try, I can do it with these samples.

So lately, thinking about my upcoming wedding show, and after having spent considerable time watching some of my favorite "reality" tv programs (namely Say Yes to the Dress (Kleinfeld in NY), Keesha's Perfect Dress, and lately, Something Borrowed, Something New), I was inspired by a dress I've seen on a few occasions.  Working from memory, this is the result:

I decided to try adding some detail to the veil:

...and I had oh so much fun making the bridal bouquet!:

I decided to feature peonies with roses, stephanotis, and berries.

As is (almost) always, the bride is the real showpiece!
Totally in love with this design!  And this is why I love what I do :D

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Congratulations Jenny & Alex! 13-03-30

Congratulations to our latest Newlyweds Jenny & Alex who tied the knot on Saturday, March 30, 2013!
Here's their "Li'l" version...

seen also with their dog Nova, a greyhound who was going to take part in the ceremony.

One of my favorite details from this design was the back of Jenny's gown.  I was excited to take on the challenge of reproducing this...

and here's how I did...

It was a fun process trying to figure out how to create the illusion of a translucent back.  I ended up building on top of the gown base with a very fine patch of flesh tone Fimo, followed by a similar patch of translucent Fimo.  Then to blend the edges with the rest of the gown and train (and match the gown details), I added the lace-like flower details.  Then I finished off the design with the buttons down the back and the floral lace detail on the sleeves.

Here's a close-up of Jenny's Bouquet...

Thank you Jenny & Alex for ordering your Li'l Newlyweds custom wedding cake toppers with us.  We hope you love them and cherish them as a memorable keepsake from your special day.  Congratulations again, wishing you a long and happy life together filled with love!