Monday, January 4, 2016

Custom Baby Name Art

I think it's pretty safe to be sharing these pics by now of this order I made for a customer just before Christmas...

The customer knew of my work, as her sister and her husband had bought some of my work 2 years prior at the OOAK Show.  Now that they've had their first baby, the sister found me at OOAKx15 to place an order for her new little niece, Hannah!

So my customer was really taken with the sample ABC artwork I had on display at the show, and requested her order to be made in very same colours.  I think I did a pretty good job...what do you think?

Place your custom name order today for your son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandchild...a thoughtful, personalized keepsake for years to come!  I can match paint swatches, images of decorated rooms, or any other decor item that sets the tone for their room such as bedding or other artwork.  You can even pick what to have represent each letter...typically this would be something that begins with the letter (such as a ball for "b"), but the choice is yours!

Custom names (max. 7 letters):
$20 / letter + $35 / frame + 13% HST

Custom ABC art:
$600 + 13% HST

Need some ideas?...
a - ant, alligator, airplane, apple, alarm clock, arrow, abacus
b - bicycle, baseball, bumble bee, bulldozer, bear
c - car, circle, crown, cat
d - dinosaur, dragonfly, doughnut, digger, dog, dump truck, drill, doll
e - Earth, eggs, eel, elephant, eagle
f - fish, frog, flower
g - grapes, gift, giraffe
h - hippo, helicopter, hat, hot air balloon
i - igloo, ice cream
j - jigsaw puzzle, Jack-in-the-box
k - kangaroo, kitten, kite, kayak, koala bear, key
l - ladder, lamp, lollipop, lady bug, lamb, lion, lobster
m - monkey, mouse
n - nuts, neck tie, numbers
o - ostrich, octopus, owl
p - pig, parrot, pineapple, present, puppy, penquin
q - question mark, quilt, quill
r - robot, rooster, rabbit, rain, rain cloud, rug, rice, rose
s - skis, snake, swan, snail, screw driver
t - train, tree, tomato, tiger, truck, turtle, teddy bear
u - umbrella, unicycle, unicorn
v - volcano, volley ball, violin, vine, van
w - whale, walrus, wagon, wheel, wrench, wheat, watermelon
x - x-ray, xylophone
y - yo-yo, yarn
z - zebra, zipper

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