Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Art Clay...a new line?

'Been away for a little while, sorry!
I have a lot of posts in mind that I want to make, so I'm hoping to bring them to you soon...over the holidays!

I do have a preliminary photo of one of the pieces that came out of my first Art Clay Silver class that I took back in November.

I had to look for some polishing tools (perhaps another class will be necessary!)...but this is the piece that I'm really inspired by!....

I think it speaks to the lines that are currently in my repertoire, though perhaps a little simpler.

I still have to finish this piece off, adding an extension chain & charm (as per usual detail)...but I can tell you that the pendant sits nicely at the nape of the neck, on a 14" long sterling silver snake chain.

I've already worn it several times! If anything, this is where I can see my work heading with Art Clay...but give me time, I still have another two pieces from my class that I need to finish the rest is yet to be seen!

More photos to come soon!

Take care everyone, & have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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