Friday, March 12, 2010

definitely Out of the Box Ideas!

Love, Love, LOVE these invitations (and others) from Out of the Box Ideas!

Love the use of colour (of course, no one appreciates colour more than I do...well, maybe there are others, but I do like colour!).

Love the mix of textures.

Love the bold graphics.

Designed by Jeromina Juan, creative genius and owner behind Out of the Box Ideas (and good friend of mine), her invitations are so clean and meticulously thought out. Which brings me to another love...

Love the details! I'm all about details. Just looking at this invitation I'm noticing the fold-out "beach-bag" or "gift bag" tapered at the bottom (the whole tropical theme makes me think "beach"), the pockets within that hold the various card components, the actual "handles" that hold the "bag" together just like a real one, the coordinating colour paper back inside the grass paper "bag", the tag on the bag....oh the details!

Jeromina is promising she'll be creating her own Blog and Facebook Fan Page for Out of the Box Ideas soon...

Looking forward to it Jer, we need to see more of those great designs!

Until then, have a peek at her website: