Friday, November 26, 2010

ok, so it hasn't been THAT long...

...since my last blog post!

I see that my LAST post was made just a week before my little Evan came, on October 28th!
Sadly, all my photos of him are on my husbands' computer, and being sleep deprived as I am...well, lets just say that I will make an effort to post again when I get more photos!

but what have I been up to lately (besides diaper changes & feedings)?

well, somehow, I managed to piece together a few hours here & there to finish this custom order placed through our Subtle Details Etsy store:

this li'l decor angel was a special request from a customer who saw it's original (LA019) in my youtube video (at 21s into the video):

Always happy to "reproduce" a piece (similar, but not the same, as every creation by nature of the production process will be unique) that's already been sold!

my next post? hopefully will be of my ABC frame for my little Evan...still sitting half finished (my last completed letter was "o" prior to his early birth).


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