Monday, January 3, 2011

fantastic photos & a custom order

Always promoting my custom design services, I was thrilled last fall when a customer contacted me (after finding my booth at the Binder Twine festival in September) to have her friend's bridal bouquet made as a keepsake necklace.

Now, I've done this kind of custom work before, including a Nested flora design of my own bridal bouquet (the real one, which had about a centimeter of dust on it, got affectionately placed in our compost bin after the necklace was completed), but never have I seen such beautiful photos! No, this customer is not a professional photographer, she's just really handy with her camera!

See the results...

Elisabeth's Bouquet, in the Petals-on-Petals necklace design.

You can have your bridal bouquet made into a keepsake necklace too! Just send me your photos & we'll talk!


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