Sunday, February 13, 2011

a new assistant & a new design

A natural progression of my business, it became necessary to take on an assistant. LOL! I could really do with some extra hands around here, what with mine being so busy with my 3 1/2 month old, but sadly, this assistant has none to offer. What she can do though is model my work, something I've needed for some time, both for design and photography.
I haven't yet named this new piece (or my assistant, which I feel compelled to do!), but here's a first look:

I must admit that I love this latest design!
It's I believe what I was attempting to do with a similar one last year, "cascade" (right),
but am much happier with the results of
this new piece.
The larger blossom (the same component I use for my "blossom" brooches), and the new smaller, but similarly scaled piece at the top of the flower cluster were what the design needed.
All three are composed on top of my own wire flowers, much like my "petals-on-petals" design.
But I'm most pleased with the simplicity of this design which allows it to be worn at various lengths and even wrapped around the neck like a choker.
As for the pearls, I've been wanting to incorporate them into my designs for some time now, and am happy with the results.
I'm eager for my son to give me a little time to create a few more. Though I'm stalled because I love this colour combination so much that I'm having trouble coming upon another that I would like just as much. I have a white collection in waiting.

This piece was recently accepted into Made You Look (, where I'm told it can be found in the shop on the north side of Queen Street (the rest of my collection is in the south side shop).


Fairy Cardmaker said...

It's lovely. The pearls help lend it more elegance. Your "assistant" actually looks quite good with it on!

Anonymous said...

I love your new design! It's now my new favourite. But only until you come up with something gorgeous again and that will be my new favourite. :D