Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring 2011

Good morning everyone!

It may not look it outside this morning, as I glance through my basement studio window onto my neighbour's snow-dusted roof, but we are in spring!
A couple days ago I celebrated by creating a collection of choice colours for my jewellery line Li'l Bouquet.
I've been meaning to do this for some time to make the ordering process easier off of my Etsy site, and to make it more clear that my pieces can be made-to-order, despite the colour of the images posted!
So, the colours...I must say it was difficult to choose just 9, a random number based solely on the shape of the image I wanted to create for Etsy, but also seemed reasonable...not too much, not too little.
I have to admit that I took some guidance from this year's Pantone spring colours palette, but my own is also tempered with relevance in it's
application to flowers...along with one little self indulgence - putty gray, which happens to be my absolute most favorite colour for this year!
Interestingly enough, "putty gray" was a discovery I made by mixing together two scraps of clay, a brown with a minty-green. I was trying to come up with a stem colour for one of my Li'l Art pieces, "Snowball", that would fit into the palette of the overall piece. I've been so happy with the colour that I've found myself using it, and variations of it, over and over again!
This colour palette is meant only to be a guide, a source of inspiration for Spring 2011, as I ca
n create absolutely any colour imaginable! As well, it should be noted that while some of my designs are mono-chromatic, most involve an assortment of flowers from 3 or more colour groups, so the palette would only serve me (and you) as a base from which to start.
Take tangerine orange as an example. In a "Flower Joy" design, I would incorporate tangerine orange with a lighter & a darker shade, or with a slightly more yellow orange, and a slightly more red orange. This helps create dimension for the piece, and makes it a little more interesting and dynamic!
You'll find this colour palette posted in several of my new Etsy posts,, and soon to be posted to my website,
The Pantone Spring Color Palette can be found on


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Your works are amazing! Good job!

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