Sunday, August 7, 2011

having fun with Etsy

I thought I'd take the opportunity given to me by my mom (who's babysitting Evan), and the weather (giving me a break in the clouds) to try out some new product photo shots I've been dreaming up for Etsy.

My posts to Etsy come in spurts, just like my blog (many apologies), which I hope to improve on with much more regular attention!

So I begin, again, today with showing you a couple of my favorite shots. I say "a couple" because there really are only two that I love. The others are simply OK, so I'm choosing to ignore them (though the items have been posted to my Etsy shoppe).

This first image was really a last-minute stroke of genius (as I give myself a pat on the back). Starting with the realization that I needed a neutral, soft white or cream background. I quickly searched for paper that suited (finding this beautiful cream with words of love embossed in shimmery highlights), and my eyes gazed over a recent garage sale find, this ceramic pillar candle holder. Simply love the results!

As for the second image, well, it was one of my first from this morning's exercise, but I think quite effective. Simple, highlighting the lavender shades from the hydrangea bauble bead of the earrings, and soft, with the faded background (somewhere in the far depths of my brain there lies a word to describe this photographic effect, but alas, high school photography class was a LONG time ago!).

I posted 6 new items to my Etsy shoppe today (I am very proud to say!), which can be found at

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