Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 Li'l Art brochure

Between chasing after my (now) 16-month-old, and coping with pregnancy doctor's orders to not pick up anything over 20lbs, (which rules out have no idea how hard it is to control him without having the ability to hoist him up into the air from time-to-time!) and no walking the dog (urgh!), I have actually managed to get some things done for promotions this year, selecting only the finest collection of my works to be highlighted in my 2012 brochures for Li'l Art framed sculpture and Li'l Bouquet jewellery!
Finally taking a moment now to share with you my Li'l Art framed sculpture brochure (I'll post the Li'l Bouquet one shortly :-)
I did my best to pick and choose a variety of my past works that highlight a range of themes, as well as colours and designs that compliment each other within the composition of the brochure. Some images have been cropped to the edge of the clay tile while others show the surrounding frame. Again, purely a compositional choice, to focus on some of my more intricate designs (in which case the image may be larger), as well to show what the works look like framed. All of my Li'l Art framed sculpture pieces are framed in a 10" x 10" white shadow-box frame.
Some, such as "poppies pop!" had been framed in 6" x 6" frames, but sadly, my supplier has discontinued them :-(
There IS a much larger 20" x 20" frame available, and I have one sitting right here in my studio, which I'm both eager and a little intimidated to use! Truth be told, I have used it on occasion, for my ABC art (seen on the first page of the brochure), but I have dreams on creating a much, much larger piece of clay sculpture to be framed in this generous display! You can be sure that I will be sharing it with you when I do!
Just recently baked two additional pieces (one that I'm thrilled about, and wanting to repeat but with even more detail, and another that I feel "so-so" about). They haven't been named, framed, or photographed yet, but when I do, I'll be posting them here. Would love to hear your thoughts...maybe even suggestions for subject matter?
Take care!
- Karen


Diana Merine Philip said...

Hi Karen,
From which site can I buy these lil Art online? I checked your etzy store but could not find the ones in the brochure. and the brochure pics seem very tiny :)

Rory Fugerson said...

Your brochure samples are really great. I think I can buy some and combine it with great brochure holders and surely it would be a very noticeable brochure.