Thursday, October 18, 2012

Richmond Hill Studio Tour & Art Sale 2012

This wasn't our most successful Studio Tour to be sure, but it was our most impressive one in my opinion.  Fitting that it was the 5th year that my husband Peter and I have participated in the Tour, and the 10th year of the Tour's existence, marking it with our first display on the main floor of our (recently renovated) 1950's bungalow.
Up until this year, we have tried our best to tidy up and minimize the visual chaos that is our basement, trying our best to make it a semi-suitable place in which to present our work...we never were very successful at this task and it was always very dark and dungeon-ous.

Perhaps I should explain that my husband, Peter, is a recreational pilot and amateur photographer (many of his photos taken from his airplane).  Each year he has presented his photography, and I of course my clay art (jewellery, figurines, and framed sculpture).
It's ironic really, that to mark our last year presenting in the basement, we has our most successful turn out in terms of attendance and sales, whereas this year was most visually pleasing to the eye, yet one of the worst for visitor turn out.  That's just the way it goes I suppose, but I closed the door to this Studio Tour with great hopes and further aspirations for next year's event...hope to see you here!

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