Saturday, March 16, 2013

Li'l Newlyweds - rePresented

Always in need of good photos of my booth and/or display, and finding myself at a loss for some good images of my custom cake toppers (display, for I'm very good at documenting each and every pair of custom ordered bride & grooms), I finally had a chance to set the stage for some new promotional pictures.
Here's how it went :D

Each and every time I do an event, I'm always reworking my presentation to some degree, usually because each new site carries with it it's own special needs.  Over the years I have tried many different things, and I think I've come full all white all white backdrop.  The only exception would be that there has to be something BIG that grabs my customer's attention, be it a bold, printed fabric with my Subtle Details sign strewn across it, or large-scale posters of my miniature works of art, or even just texture.  But I'm reminded of the reason why galleries are always painted stark doesn't distract from the artwork.  It's challenging though to grab people's attention with a stark white booth.  So the mission is to find a balance between setting a neutral background so as not to distract from my work, and creating enough visual interest to welcome people into my space!
I'll get my first chance to experiment with it (again) at the Aurora Chamber Street Festival, my first scheduled event for 2013, taking place on June 2.
Hope to see you there!

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