Saturday, February 22, 2014

birthday Li'l Bouquet

Whipped up this Li'l Bouquet necklace for my friend's daughter's 4th birthday.  Purple is her favorite I am told, but I simply couldn't decide on any particular colour so I used them all!  I think in future I'll just use 3 of my polymer clay "button blooms" flower beads per necklace, but thought this was quite fun!  The apple-green memory wire is 4-strands thick, adorned with an amethyst-coloured Swarovski crystal (the birthstone for February), and is 14" long with a 2.5" long extension chain.  This one will grow with her :D

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Like this one?  Check out this Li'l Bouquet "princess" necklace I made a couple years ago...

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