Friday, June 6, 2014

the creative process...

so I had an idea that I've been wanting to try out since I created this:


...notice the little pink flowers, ranunculus.

this modern looking flower was abundant at last year's The Wedding Co. Spring Show...and I simply fell in love with it!

So I wanted to take it further.  I thought, how about a brooch?

Ok, well, I'm sharing with you the process.
You see, it's one thing to make a miniature version, it's another to bring the design up to a larger scale.
So here are the results...

...hmmmm, no

...definitely not

...not quite, but better

...aha!  that's it!

from start to finish....

They're each about 1" in diameter.  I'll be adding brooch backs to them shortly, up for sale soon after that :-)  What comes next?  I'd like to try making them bigger.
Oh, and the added bonus?...
Oh yeah!
Simply in love with this piece, entitled
"is it just me, or are they dancing?"

Yes, that's right, those tiny little "radiant orchid" (this spring's it colour according to Pantone) coloured flowers, and the even tinier white flowers were made from the almost accidental canes that came out of my large-scale ranunculus brooches!

You can expect more Li'l Art pieces like this coming your way soon :D!

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