Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 New Exciting Stores Soon To Be Added!

Wow! What a way to end off the first month of 2009!

After debuting a new booth display at the Total Wedding Show (what an improvement from 2008) on the third weekend of this month, I followed it up with the first trade show for Subtle Details this past weekend!

Thank you, fellow jewellery designers and artisans, for recommending the By Hand show to me last year!

What an excellent show to participate in, you can be sure that you'll see me there again in 2010.

The identity of the new locations that will be carrying my Li'l Bouquet jewellery will be added to the Subtle Details website when the product is due to arrive at the store.

Yes, I've been a little busy, and certainly will continue to be so through at least the early months of this year, but I promise to be back to my blog soon with (hopefully) some new and interesting topics to read!


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