Friday, February 20, 2009

A great find on my snowy Queen W. walk

I only spent a few short months living downtown, but that, coupled with my university years & stint at a downtown architectural firm, was enough to make me miss the hub of activity, proximity of everything, and among other things, the unique boutique shops!
Having been born, raised, and still living in the burbs, I occasionally find my way back to the old haunt of Queen Street in search of art supplies, etc.
Yesterday was just one of those days.
Even though it was freezing cold, windy, and blowing snow, I enjoyed a fantastic, fun, and productive walk from Queen & Dufferin to Dundas & McCaul.
After replenishing my stock at Made You Look, and stopping by the OCC office/gallery, I window-shopped Queen W!
Attracted by one window in particular, I stepped into Champagne & Cupcakes dress boutique!
Taking in the sights...the walls lined with dresses, the funky desk made out of white-washed speakers, the classy-looking fitting area...I also noticed a shelf neatly displaying the business cards and miscellaneous marketing materials of other local artists and artisans. So I took a chance, introduced myself and my product to the attendant (who happened to be Caroline Lim herself, the designer of all the lovely dresses), and she kindly took a stack of my Li'l Newlyweds postcards to leave on display for her customers!
Thank you for the support Caroline!
So now, while I can't say that I tried anything on (starving artist that I am, I can't go around buying random cocktail dresses), I'd like to give a well-deserved promo to Champagne & Cupcakes.
If you're young, hip, going to prom, planning your wedding, in a wedding, or going to a wedding, you'll want to stop by here! Caroline's designs are unique, using fun and unexpected fabrics, with quite frankly, fantastic prices! Stop by sometime, and support your local artist.

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