Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pavlo Pottery

In a trade that I made almost a full year ago (at the By Hand Show in Toronto last year), I acquired this beautiful piece of pottery (square plate seen in the photos), as well as a huge round serving platter, wine cooler, and brie baker that I gifted to my sister and her husband this past Christmas.

I kept the square piece for myself, and use it every day, as you see in the photos!

What attracted me to these pieces (they were all finished the same way) was the combination of the rich undertones of the base colour (brown) with the silvery, almost pewter-like glaze over top. Add the pattern detail (it reminds me of a tattoo or henna), and the overall effect is exquisite and unusual!

The pottery in these photographs was handcrafted by...

Pavlo Pottery Studio & Shoppe
Rockton, Ontario

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